SuperFlox – Process Lay-out

Flameless Combustion – The Technology

WTE-Tech has selected E-Flox burners and controls as basis for the new technology development for waste gas utilization for the following reasons:

  • Separated feed streams fuel gas and combustion air;
  • No pre-mixing of fuel gas and combustion air;
  • Minimum gas rates at the burner tip required to meet mixing requirements;
  • Pre-heat of furnace above auto-ignition temperature (650-700 °C) required;
  • Reduced oxygen level in the combustion chamber (3-10 %v);
  • Compact design of combustion chamber;
  • Inventive burner design for max heat recovery and overall energy efficiency.

WTE-Tech unit operations are characterized by:

  • Intensive mixing of the separately introduced gas streams in the combustion chamber;
  • Effective and homogeneous combustion of all hydrocarbons available;
  • Flat temperature (<1400 °C) and concentration profiles through combustion chamber (see figure);
  • Wide concentration range – 1,5-15 %v;
  • Wide range of hydrocarbons can be applied;
  • Non-hydrocarbons are fully oxidized (H, S, N and other);
  • Reduced oxygen levels are applied, no interference with Lower Explosion Limits, LEL;
  • High robustness from safeguarding perspective;
  • High overall efficiency and heat recovery.