Test run set-up

Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunnan Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Jiehua Company”), is a joint investment of Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and China Yangtze River Three Gorges Corporation. It integrates and reorganizes the former Yunnan Jiehua Group Ltd, former Yunnan Ruiqi Chemical industry Ltd and Yunnan Pioneer Coal Industry Development Ltd. It was established on July 18, 2009. The company has a branch company (Jiehua Chemical Branch) and two subsidiaries (Yunnan Pioneer Coal Industry Development Ltd. and Yunnan Pioneer Chemical industry Ltd.)

According to the actual situation on the site, Jiehua Company decided to take VOCs gas from one existing exhaust gas pipeline, and one high-heat value auxiliary gas source to the experimental device, and choose a safe experimental site.

The experimental unit has no flue gas waste heat recovery part, and the original exhaust gas temperature is 300-400° C. Considered the safety at the temporary experimental site, additional cooling fans was added according to the requirements of the solution company to ensure the exhaust gas temperature is about 150 ° C.

The initial start-up was very successful and smooth. Following unit commissioning after installation the actual testrun at real time conditions ran for more then 2 weeks. Very stable operating performance this both in terms of operating conditions (temperature, flow and pressure) as in terms of emission results (extremely low HC and CO contents in flue gas and NOx levels far below legal requirements.